BigHit Entertainment Introduces The Fifth Member Of New Boy Group TXT

After BigHit Entertainment revealed the fourth member of TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), the clock reset and started counting down once again. After another intense round of waiting, the timer has finally run down and the newest member of the group has been revealed!



At midnight on January 11 (KST), the world was introduced to the first member of TXT’s lineup, Yeonjun, and he was soon followed by Soobin, HueningKai, and Taehyun. Now it’s time to welcome the newest member of the group’s lineup, Beomgyu!

beomgyu 2


Like his fellow members before him, Beomgyu was introduced with several photos and a teaser video.


While the number of members is still unknown, many fans thought it was likely there would be five members, but the clock has started another countdown, which might just mean there’s another member coming soon!


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