BigHit Entertainment’s New Boy Group TXT Is A Part of BTS’s Universe, And Here’s Proof

Everyone knows that BigHit Entertainment and BTS love to keep ARMYs on the tips of their toes. Each new release triggers fans to dig deep to find connections for their theories. Now with the introduction of TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), netizens have already come up with a number of interesting theories about the new group.

6 New Hints And Clues About TXT’s Mysterious Debut Concept


One of the biggest theories that fans have come up with so far is that TXT will be adding new plotlines to the universe BTS introduced to us or exploring an alternate reality and with the latest introductory video, netizens are more convinced than ever that this is the case.



While watching Soobin‘s introductory video they soon began to feel a similar vibe to BTS’s “Euphoria”…


And the more they watched the more similarities they found. Like how Soobin happens to be happily riding a bike…


Just like Jimin did in “Euphoria”.


Then there’s the scene where Soobin’s taking a sweet sip of his drink…


Paralleling a scene with Jungkook.


But that’s not all! There’s also the moment when he shields his eyes from the sun…


Like V did in “Euphoria”!


Or when he’s seen running for the exit…


Much like Jimin!

Not to mention netizens have found a few sound similarities between the two too!


Netizens have also noticed that there have been a few other cross-reference points between the new group and BTS, like this familiar curtain visual…


Or the color yellow that first began to show up in “Serendipity” is also being featured in the photos with the TXT members.

Some fans have also pointed out that “Serendipity” includes an eclipse which is part of another popular theory regarding the new group!


But who knows what BigHit Entertainment has up their sleeves? After all, they love to keep fans guessing! Check out some of the similarities yourself by watching Soobin’s introduction video and “Euphoria” below.

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