Björk performs “Blissing Me” and “The Gate” on Jools Holland

Last week, Björk returned to TV for the first time in eight years, with a pair of predictably (and delightfully) off-kilter performances on Later… with Jools Holland. It was great! Even better, she returned to the fern-covered stage just a few days later for another pair of performances and an engaging chat about how writing an album is like solving a murder mystery, flutes, and the importance of the Paris Climate Accord.

The first performance, “Blissing Me”, sees the Icelandic songwriter singing the ethereal tune in on-stage garden paradise, surrounded by mask-wearing flutists. In the second, a haunting performance of “The Gate”, Björk and her instrumentalist wood nymphs create a sonic landscape that suggests she’s summoning some sort of otherworldly spirit from within a universe made of fairy dust and Disney movies and death, or something. It’s amazing.

Björk has previously expressed a desire to release a live version of Utopia featuring more flutes, a prospect that’s even more enticing now. Catch the replay below.

If you’re hoping for more Björk in your life, she’ll be heading to Barcelona, Spain in a day or two, ready to join this year’s staggering Primavera Sound lineup.

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