BLACKPINK’s 1st Album “SQUARE UP” Has A Secret 5th Track

BLACKPINK‘s “SQUARE UP” mini-album has sold more than 98,000 physical albums, making BLACKPINK one of the biggest girl groups in 2018.


The four-track album includes the hit “DU-DDU DU-DUU” and three other tracks, “Forever Young”, “Really” and “See U Later”.

“Forever Young” is shaping up to be another hit!


But fans who bought the CD are realizing there’s a hidden track available only on the physical album!


It’s BLACKPINK’s previous hit, “As If It’s Your Last”!


Fans think it’s a cute idea and a nice surprise.

  • “I’m amazed how all of us want a physical album (they’re amazing) but most people don’t play the music lol. Crazy!!”
  • “Wow!”


This isn’t the first “hidden track” the girls have released – in 2016, in their cosmetic “album”, a hidden track featuring BIGBANG was included!

The cosmetic range included lip colors inspired by the girls.


Just another way the girls have blown fans away!

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