Boombox Cartel – NBD (ATLiens Remix)

If there’s anything to be said about the current direction of bass music, it’s “melodies be damned, let’s make this as weird as we can.” The type of dark, midtempo bass popularized by Rezz and carried on by artists like 1788-L, blanke, k?d and more is becoming ever more pervasive in other genres, including trap.

ATLiens bring that sound on their remix of “NBD” by Boombox Cartel. The original was only dropped two weeks ago, but already there’s a full remix pack out including cuts from Hekler and Dyro. “NBD” is already pretty dark to start, but ATLiens ramp it up, blending trap and the darkness for something new.

With a completely new intro and re-engineered synths, ATLiens definitely make this into their own beast and they’re not leaving anyone alive. Check it out below, along with the full remix EP here.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Boombox Cartel – NBD (ATLiens Remix)

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