BROCKHAMPTON to release new album, Iridescence, in September

BROCKHAMPTON were supposed to release their new album, Puppy, back in June. However, those plans were derailed along with the hip-hop collective’s summer tour when sexual misconduct allegations emerged against the group’s Ameer Vann. Vann was booted from the troupe, and when they returned to the road in June, they announced another record, the best years of our lives, though it was unclear if this was simply a rebranding of Puppy. Now, however, the boyband has announced yet another album, Iridescence.

Set for a September release, Iridescence will mark BROCKHAMPTON’s fourth studio LP. Band leader Kevin Abstract took to Twitter to clarify the confusion caused by all the various album announcements. “Not tryna lead anyone on or anything i just want us to keep making stuff we’re proud of and put it out when we’re ready,” he wrote. “I mean it from the bottom of my heart when i say thank you for your patience.”

Later, Abstract tweeted, “I don’t know if i would have been able to write another record if we didn’t come to europe,” implying that Iridescence will indeed feature different tracks than those planned for the best years of our lives. (The announcement and comments came just after BROCKHAMPTON wrapped a European tour at the UK’s Leeds Festival.) That means that the recently shared tracks “Tonya”“1999 WILDFIRE”“1998 TRUMAN”, and “1997 DIANA” likely won’t appear on this new record.

Abstract also shared what appears to be the Iridescence album artwork.


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