Bronze Whale – Warm (LMBO Remix) [Free Download]

Bronze Whale released “Warm” earlier this year, a track which evoked its namesake and conjured feelings of a comfortable summer day. It was and still is a wonderfully composed track, but LMBO couldn’t leave it well enough alone and insisted on putting their own unique spin on it.

LMBO’s rendition of “Warm” is almost unrecognizable from the original, with booming, echoing kicks and warped synths and vocals. No longer does it bring forth visions of summer rays, but rather traveling down a dark hole with no destination in sight.

As far as remixes go, LMBO took this one in a pretty intense direction – but it works. Check out their remix of Bronze Whale’s “Warm” below.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Bronze Whale – Warm (LMBO Remix) [Free Download]

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