BTS and Park Bo Gum Team Up For Coca-Cola, A Combination We NEED More Of

Pepsi fans, get ready to switch loyalties because BTS and Park Bo Gum are now repping Coca-Cola in a brand new commercial.


The ad begins with BTS lounging by the pool on a hot summer day.

Somebody get Jimin some sunglasses!


Enter Park Bo Gum: visual king and bearer of beverages. He isn’t about to let BTS melt away to nothing.

He’s too well-mannered for that!


Park Bo Gum gets the party started by rolling a bottle of Coca-Cola in BTS’s direction.

It rolls into the pool, catching their attention.


Nothing is more refreshing than an ice water fight…except for a nice, cold bottle of Coke!


After taking a dip in the pool, BTS and Park Bo Gum end the ad by toasting to their beverage of choice.


Fans are absolutely loving this collaboration! They’re overjoyed to see these 8 handsome and talented stars enjoying the summer together.





Coca-Cola should give their marketing team a raise because they couldn’t have picked a better selling point than BTS x Park Bo Gum. Even longtime Pepsi fans are now ditching their preferred soda for Coke!


Are you Team Pepsi or Team Coca-Cola? Check out the commercial, and then decide!


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