BTS Confirms They Are Working On A Collaboration With Zedd

6 months after Zedd reached out to BTS, RM confirmed the 2 international powerhouses are working on a collaboration.


It all started in November 2017 when Zedd tweeted to BTS that he heard the group wanted to work on a collaboration with him.


In under an hour, BTS replied with enthusiasm, quickly agreeing on a collaboration that is bound to shake up the world.


It has been quiet ever since, with few details being announced, but Zedd did say that the two sides are still talking and a collab will happen, but there’s no promises on the release being in 2018.


During BTS’s most recent trip to the United States for the 2018 BBMAs, they were asked whether the collaboration was still going to happen since not much has been revealed.

“I cannot, you know, tell many things about but we’ve been working with Zedd, and you know, telling some sort of things about working, and you know, I just cannot speak too many things [about it]… but it’s happening.” — RM


Even though there’s no time frame ARMY’s can expect the collab to drop, they can feel rest assured that the collaboration is definitely happening!

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