BTS Fan’s Post From 2016 That Received So Much Hate Resurfaces

Back in 2016, an ARMY uploaded a post, titled “BTS Can Win A Daesang This Year, Right?” She expressed her deepest wish for BTS to win Daesang at an awards ceremony this year.

bts 2016 hater

“Reallyㅠ I wish they won Daesangㅠ I’ve been streaming since yesterdayㅠ My Bangtan…

+) I believe BTS truly deserves a Daesang! They sing well, their popularity keeps rising, they have the most V App followers… ++) I’m an ARMY! I’m not a trollㅠ I’m just very hopeful…ㅠㅠ I want to fulfill my babies’ wishesㅠ

+++) I’m asking because I’m genially curious. Does this post deserve this much hate? I only asked a question. Aren’t the haters cursing at me weirder than I am? I only asked if BTS was worthy of winning a Daesang

++++) I only asked as the title says. I never said, ‘This year’s daesang belongs to my babies!’”

— OP ARMY (2016)


Her post received so much hate as the most popular comments claimed that BTS would never be able to win a Daesang.

bts 2016 post haters

bts 2016 post hater


That same year, BTS released their hit ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears’.


Low and behold… BTS won Artist Of The Year (Daesang) at 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards!


The moment was historical as the members gathered together in celebration, unable to believe that they won.


And RM even mentioned during their speech about how so many people doubted that they would ever make it.

“A lot of things happened since our debut. Many people believed we wouldn’t make it. Thank you so much for believing in us until the end.

We only dreamed of this moment. Thank you for making our dreams become a reality.”

— RM 


In a matter of months since their first daesang, BTS went on to become the first K-Pop idol group to win an award at the Billboard Music Awards!

bts billboard win


Let’s replay BTS’s first daesang for all the 2016 haters crying in their corner!

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