BTS J-Hope’s Music Has Been Proven To Be Therapeutic

ARMYs call BTS‘s J-Hope “Sunshine” for a reason. His bubbly personality and ridiculously sweet smile have always melted hearts but J-Hope has recently melted hearts in a completely different way.

j-hope sunshine


On July 12, a mother named Amanda Zelno sent out a thank you to J-Hope for helping her autistic 2-year-old son calm down when he suffers from a fit.


J-Hope’s voice has a calming effect on her son and his mixtape’s outro “Blue Side” is her son’s favorite.


Netizens fell in love with her story and sincerely hoped that J-Hope would hear about it.


And with the help of ARMYs, J-Hope or another member of BTS did see the tweet and soon liked it!

bts twitter


If the whole thing wasn’t already sweet, Amanda saw that BTS’s account liked her post and gave another thank you message to BTS, J-Hope, and ARMYs for their love and support.


The whole story is really just too adorable!

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