BTS Officially Launches Global Campaign “ARMYPEDIA”

On February 22, BTS officially launched their global campaign, ARMYPEDIA, by opening an official social media account and announcing the news.


In addition to the new account, they have put up advertisements for ARMYPEDIA in 7 different cities around the world: Seoul, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, London, Paris and Hong Kong. Fans have already found 4 of them.


ARMYPEDIA is a “digital archive of all things BTS” which will be created by ARMYs from around the world.

ARMYs Are Hyped For “ARMYPEDIA”, A Worldwide BTS Puzzle Hunt


In this international campaign, ARMYs must work together to discover 2,080 puzzle pieces hidden online and offline all over the world. These puzzle pieces unlock “date cards”, which allows ARMYs to upload something about BTS related to that date.



The campaign will officially begin on February 25 and ARMYs will have 4 weeks to find all 2,080 puzzles. Get ready, ARMYs!

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