BTS’s Endorsement Was So Powerful That Hyundai Is Literally Struggling To Keep Up With Demand

BTS were recently chosen as the endorsement models for Hyundai’s new SUV, Palisade.


The group filmed multiple commercials, ad campaigns and even stepped out from Palisades during the 2019 Grammy Awards.

bts palisade 1


But it appears that Hyundai didn’t understand just how powerful BTS’s influence was in terms of increasing sales. The demand for Palisade skyrocketed so fast that Hyundai is struggling to keep up with the demand.

bts palisade 4


As of now, Hyundai literally is backlogged in their sales. If a customer puts in an order for one now, they will have to wait at least 6 months before they receive their car.

Orders for Palisade’s prime model and luxury design, Prestige Trim, will have to wait 9 to 10 months for their car.

bts palisade 3


Hyundai originally estimated their sales for Palisades to be around 25,000. However, they’ve already received orders for 52,000 to date. And the number keeps growing!

bts palisades sales


As the wait continues to increase, customers are unhappy with the wait and experts believe that Hyundai won’t be able to fulfill the high demand any time soon.

bts palisade 5


Quite amazing how one endorsement can change the fate of one product!

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