BTS’s Forgotten Webtoon Has Resurfaced And ARMYs Are Shook

A forgotten piece of BTS history has emerged from the internet’s archives: WE ON: BE THE SHIELD.



On January 14, BigHit Entertainment dropped a new “Smeraldo Books” teaser image that has many fans hoping for an official BTS webtoon.

Something Big Is Coming Soon For BTS’s “BU” Universe, “Smeraldo Books”


Some fans, however, may not know that BTS have already had two official webtoons. The first was BTS’s Hip Hop Monster. These lovable “monsters” are seen as the spiritual predecessors of BT21, and were also merchandised as plush dolls.



The second webtoon, WE ON: BE THE SHIELD, took place during BTS’s “Danger” era and was released from 2014 to 2015.

“#BTS’s very #Danger -ous webtoon <WE ON : Be The Shield> is launching! It will be published every Wednesday on Nate Manga”

— BTS Official


In this fantasy/action webtoon, BTS are high school students with supernatural powers that they must use to protect others and become Guardians of Earth. RM‘s role was the “scientist”, a genius character with supernatural brain power.

rm1 rm2


Jin was the “archer”…



was the “dark summoner”…




Jungkook was the “tanker”…



Jimin was “nature’s summoner”…



J-Hope was the “pilot”…

hope1 hope2


…and Suga was the “gladiator”.

suga1 suga2


Many fans had no idea this gem existed, and it’s taking them totally by surprise.



It’s been a long time since those who read WE ON: THE SHIELD have thought about it, but its reappearance is getting everyone hyped for whatever surprise “Smeraldo Books” has in store.

Big Hit Entertainment’s Mysterious “Smeraldo Books” Piques Fans’ Curiosity

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