BTS’s J-Hope Reveals Who His Greatest Rivals In K-Pop Are

BTS‘s J-Hope has revealed the names of the idols whom he considers his biggest competition in K-Pop.



On January 28, J-Hope uploaded a new live stream wherein he discussed his new studio, career goals, and more. He also answered the question interviewers often ask BTS: who are their rivals?


It may come as no surprise to ARMYs that J-Hope has six idols he considers his “rivals”: RMJinSugaJiminV, and Jungkook. He said that he is in “good competition” with his members, and is inspired by their skills and accomplishments. Jimin, for example, inspired him to write music with his song “Promise”.


He went on to say how lucky he is to be surrounded by good people, including his members, BigHit Entertainment‘s staff and managers, and his own family. And, of course, ARMY!


J-Hope also said that these great people take good care of him, so he wants to do something for them in return.


For more, check out J-Hope’s entire “HOPE WORLD” live stream here.

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