BTS’s Jin Said He Wanted To Rip Open His Shirt Like MONSTA X’s Wonho

BTS‘s Jin made a funny confession to MONSTA X‘s Wonho, backstage at the 2018 MAMA Fans Choice in Japan. 



Last December, MONSTA X put on a sizzling performance of their song “Shoot Out” that left fans speechless, breathless, and a little thirsty. Although all the members looked fine AF, Wonho stole the show with a single move.


Toward the end of “Shoot Out”, Wonho ripped open his shirt and the crowd went wild!


A behind the scenes camera captured Jin and Jimin greeting Wonho after MONSTA X’s stage. Jin said to Wonho, “Wow, you were so cool! I wanted to rip up mine too, but…Wow. It was so cool. Appreciated watching it.”


Afterward, the cameraman asked Jimin if Wonho’s performance reminded him of “the old days”, referring to Jimin’s shirtless 2014 MAMA stage.



Jimin laughed, saying, “Me? I was just a baby.”


Fans are loving the interaction, but many think that Jin would be too shy to follow in Wonho’s footsteps.




After all, he could barely handle this see-through shirt!


That said, if Jin did decide to do something like this on stage…



…fans would support him 100%!



For more, check out the clip here.

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