BTS’s Jungkook Accidentally Caused A Fabric Softener Shortage

BTS can sell out anything they endorse, but their star power has become so strong that Jungkook caused a fabric softener brand to sell out — by accident!



On January 20, Jungkook chatted with fans on BTS’s official fan cafe. When the topic of laundry came up, fans asked the star what he personally uses to get the job done. Jungkook said that he currently uses Downy as his fabric softener of choice, and that was all it took to send fans out shopping!




Thanks to Jungkook and ARMY, Downy became a trending top and its sudden spike in popularity led to a temporary shortage of the product.


After getting wind of this, Jungkook posted the following on Twitter: “ARMYs… I used up all of my fabric softener, so I have to buy more… but they’re sold out. #armyisimpressive”.


Naturally, ARMY found the situation hilarious. Jungkook has now become their meme king of Downy!





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