BTS’s Jungkook Keeps Avoiding RM, But No One Can Blame Him For It

Some BTS fans have noticed that Jungkook a habit of dodging BTS‘s leader, RM, in certain situations, but no one can fault him for it. 



When it comes to things like heights, roller coasters, and scary movies, Jungkook is fearless…


…but he also has his shy side.


At award shows, RM usually kicks off BTS’s speeches then turns the mic over to his members. Chances are, whoever is standing closest to RM will have to speak.


Fans have caught Jungkook playfully avoiding RM many times…


…but one of the best moments to date happened at 2018 MAMA. When BTS went up to accept an award, RM looked from member to member and realized that Jungkook was missing!


In truth, Jungkook was likely taking a washroom break, but some fans have jokingly suggested that he ran away to avoid speaking!


Jungkook may avoid his leader, for good reason, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love him!


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