BTS’s Suga And TXT’s Beomgyu Share These Striking Similarities

BTS‘s Suga and TXT‘s Beomgyu hail from the same company, BigHit Entertainment, but that’s not the only similarity they share. Info about Beomgyu is still scarce, but fans have already discovered some things these “Daegu boys” have in common!


1. They’re from the same hometown


Beomgyu is from Daegu, the same city that Suga and were both born in.


If you’re searching for gorgeous flower boys, Daegu is the place to go!


2. They have the same astrological sign


Beomgyu and Suga are both Pieces.


Beomgyu was born on March 13, 2001 and Suga was born on March 9, 1993, which means they are exactly 8 years and 4 days apart.


3. They went to the same English school

Beomgyu and Suga are rumored to have attended the same private English academy, though not at the same time.


4. They can pull off similar looks


Fans couldn’t help but notice how handsome predebut Beomgyu looked with a bandana…


…and the same goes for his sunbae!


5. They’ve both got swag


Beomgyu’s intro trailer shows his bright, cheerful side, but this predebut photo suggests that he also has his fair share of hip-hop swagger.


BTS fans know that “Swag” and “Suga” are synonymous!


6. They’ve both been handsome since birth


These yearbook photos prove that these Daegu boys…


…have always been visuals!


7. They can steal hearts with a single smile


Nothing shines brighter than a gorgeous smile…


…and these labelmates aren’t shy about giving them out to their fans!

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