BTS’s V Shows Off His Powerful Networking Skills With A New Popular Idol Friend

BTS‘s V is well known for his social butterfly status thanks to his friendly personality. Among his long list of top celebrity friends, it appears another famous idol was caught in his social net!

hwang minhyun bts v friends


During the 2019 Seoul Music Awards, an eagle-eyed fan saw V heading towards someone with a big smile on his face. That person was none other than Wanna One/NU’EST‘s Hwang Minhyun!

As soon as Minhyun got up on the stage for the ending photo, V rushed over towards him excitedly with his hand outstretched!


Fans were surprised to see these two being as close as they are since the two were barely strangers just a year ago!

bts v minhyun friend 6


Seeing how closer they’ve gotten over the year, fans were excited to see their new bromance.

bts v minhyun friends


Just how powerful is V’s networking skills? Hwang Minhyun isn’t the only friend of V’s in Wanna One. V is also close to Ha Sungwoon!

bts v minhyun friend 1


Not to mention, V’s close ties with his actor friends like Park Seo Joon and Park Hyun Sik!

bts v minhyun friend 3


His famous bromance with Park Bo Gum…

bts v minhyun friend 2


And V doesn’t only befriend male friends, he’s close with many female friends too – like the beautiful Ha Ji Won!

bts v minhyun friend 5


Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of V and Minhyun’s bromance blossom throughout the years!

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