Bush bring back ’90s hit “Comedown” on Conan: Watch

This July, Bush are scheduled to hit the road for “Revolution 3”, a “tri-headlining” tour with Stone Temple Pilots and The Cult. Last night on Conan, the Gavin Rossdale-led outfit offered fans a preview of what they can expect by unearthing “Comedown”, an alt-rock juggernaut off their debut album, 1994’s Sixteen Stone.

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It’s more than a little flabbergasting to realize the hit single is nearly 25 years old — wow, I am feeling ancient — but it’s also rather impressive that Bush can still hold their own on stage. Rossdale’s voice may not have the exact same firepower as before, but the familiarity of it coupled with that bass intro is perhaps all one needs to kick the nostalgia train into high gear.

Dust off your flannel shirt and replay the performance below.

Find all the tour dates for “Revolution 3” here. Bush’s most recent album came with 2017’s Black and White Rainbows.

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