Calvin Harris Dishes On First Ever Music Inspirations

Over the years, Calvin Harris has certainly evolved to become a likely candidate as a producer inspiration for many of today’s up and coming music producers and DJs alike. But even a legend like Calvin has legends of his own – and you’re not likely to guess who first musical inspiration was.

Speaking to The Scottish Sun, Harris reveals that it was actually legendary grunge superstar band Nirvana, which he discovered through his older brother, that first inspired him to pick up a guitar he received for Christmas at the young age of 8 and teach himself the bass line to “Lithium.”

He also revealed that Jamiroquai was another influence adding that “their album Emergency on Planet Earth was unreal and still is amazing.”

Though you unfortunately can’t catch Nirvana anymore, Jamiroquai are certainly still around and rocking having just performed at Coachella earlier in the year and several more shows lined up for the rest of the year.

H/T: The Scottish Sun | Featured Image: Rukes

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Calvin Harris Dishes On First Ever Music Inspirations

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