Captain Marvel: Krypton’s Pinar Toprak to Become First Female MCU Composer

Pinar Toprak will become the first female composer in the MCU with Captain Marvel. Marvel Studios is upping their game when it comes to diversifying the talent in their movies, both in front of and behind the camera. The push for more females and people of color to be majorly involved with film has only continued to grow with more and more examples of such hirings happening. For the Marvel Cinematic Universe, next year’s Captain Marvel will be a major deal for what it hopes to do for females.

Brie Larson is set to be the first female to lead an MCU movie, following Evangeline Lilly receiving co-lead status for Ant-Man and The Wasp. It will also see Anna Boden become the first female to direct an MCU film, as she co-directs with her long time partner Ryan Fleck. These are far from the only major roles women have filled for Captain Marvel, and it just added another.

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Composer Pinar Toprak revealed on Instagram that she is set to compose Captain Marvel. This will make her the first woman to compose a MCU movie, despite this being Marvel Studios’ twenty-first film. Toprak most recently made the music for Syfy’s Krypton, so this won’t be her first venture into superhero properties. In fact, she also wrote additional music for Justice League.

Toprak’s composed features before, but never on the scale of a major blockbuster. Thanks to the 90s backdrop that Captain Marvel is going to have, we could get a very different type of score than most other MCU movies. Set photos have shown Larson’s Carol Danvers to be a major fan of popular 90s rock bands, so that could be a fun genre to explore when it comes to the actual score.

Captain Marvel adding another female to its crew comes after it was written solely by women throughout the process. They also have longtime Marvel casting director Sarah Finn involved, and a female involved in almost every spot. It is great to see Marvel proactively bringing more women aboard a project that those involved believe will be incredibly powerful for females. Wonder Woman showed last year just how hungry everyone is for a great female-led superhero movie, and there’s hope that Captain Marvel can do the same next year. After all, if Larson says the experience on this movie has made her realize just how strong she is, that can hopefully be translated through the screen and to women of all ages who check it out.

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