Captain Marvel Tie-In Book Confirms Supreme Intelligence Identity

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Warning: Possible SPOILERS for Captain Marvel

The identity of the Supreme Intelligence in Captain Marvel looks to be confirmed thanks to tie-in merchandise for the movie. Marvel Studios is finally about to release their first female led superhero movie. Brie Larson is set to make her debut as Carol Danvers and has been the focus of the marketing so far. However, there’s also been plenty of mystery surrounding the twenty-first entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Most of the confusion has come in regards to who Jude Law is playing. By this point, most theories and evidence points to him being one of two characters: the villainous Yon-Rogg or typically heroic Mar-Vell. The more leaks that surface, the more likely it may appear that his identity is Yon-Rogg, which could mean that Mar-Vell is completely absent from the film. This would be a bit surprising since he is the original Captain Marvel in the comics. However, another popular theory is that Annette Bening will play a version of Mar-Vell that is Carol’s mother – similar to what recently happened in the comics. Well, it appears that won’t be the case either.

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Twitter user @themarvelousfan shared a portion from the Hero Storybook for Captain Marvel which looks to confirm Annette Bening is playing Supreme Intelligence. The likeness of Bening is clear in the picture and matches fairly well with how she has appeared in the trailer. This section of the book also describes an exchange between the Supreme Intelligence and Carol – who is just known as Vers by the Kree.

Ever since it was confirmed that the Supreme Intelligence would have a role in Captain Marvel, fans have wondered what it would look like. The giant green head in the comics is the leader of the entire Kree race, and holds the greatest minds of any Kree that has ever lived. Die hard readers wanted to see that translated to the big screen in some way, but it would appear Marvel decided to make the look slightly more digestible for casual audiences and just look largely like a normal member of the Kree.

Law has previously teased his mysterious character has a complex relationship with the Supreme Intelligence, so there may always be the possibility that there is more to the divine being than this children’s book has led on. Marvel’s been trying their best to keep as many of Captain Marvel‘s plot points and character identities a secret. So, even though Bening may not be who many thought would play the Supreme Intelligence and it may not look as though some would’ve hoped, there is a still a chance for the movie to surprise audiences.

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Source: themarvelousfan

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