Carl Cox On Avicii: “He Just Wanted To Be Free To Make Music”

Avicii‘s artistry has forever impacted the EDM scene and it seems everyone part of the community has been touched by his work. Most recently to speak out following the unexpected passing of Tim Bergling is another legend himself, Carl Cox.

In a recent sit down with BBC 1 Radio, Carl really opened up about his honest thoughts on his fellow producer leading up to his death. From what he could tell, Avicii was overworked and depressed, and his music was a desperate call for help. Carl took the news pretty hard.

“I was very, very sad because I could see he was not in control of himself. We used to hang out backstage but he was a guy on his own, he didn’t have much of an entourage. It was just business, business, business all the time.”

“The pressure was put on him and he was in trouble mentally. It was very sad to see someone who had so much to offer take his life.”

Suicide has only been alluded to through Avicii’s immediate family’s statement, but several reports confirm the tragic news is true. No official public report has been released on his cause of death as of now.

Carl also addressed the lyrics of Avicii’s most haunting song, “Wake Me Up.” The chorus sings: So wake me up when it’s all over/ When I’m wiser and I’m older.

“Now when you hear that record it’s sad because in some ways it was a shout for help,” Carl said.

“He just wanted to be free to make music.”


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This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Carl Cox On Avicii: “He Just Wanted To Be Free To Make Music”

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