Changsub Becomes Second BTOB Member To Enlist In Military

With BTOB‘s Eunkwang having already enlisted in August of last year, Changsub is the next member to enlist in the military.



According to reports, Changsub has quietly entered the training center on the afternoon of January 14 without any particular events.



The idol had been preparing for this day by releasing a solo album and saying his goodbyes to fans through his concert, Space, which was held on January 5-6.

Here’s Why BTOB’s Changsub Has Decided To Shave His Head A Month Before His Military Enlistment


The concert and album, “Mark”, was a farewell gift to fans, who will not be able to see him for the time being.


He also left a short message to fans on his social media, captioning the post, “I’ll be back. I have and will always love you.”


BTOB member Minhyuk will also be enlisting in the military on the 7th of next month.



Meanwhile, Changsub is expected to be discharged in August 2020.

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