Check Out Avicii’s ‘Heaven’ With Chris Martin

Following the tragic passing of Avicii last month, the internet quickly went rife with speculation about the possibility of there being new Avicii music for the world to hear. The late EDM icon had just released a new EP last August which was supposed to be a larger body of work. Despite that, Avicii’s reps denied that any Avicii album would see the light of day this year.

That said, ‘new’ Avicii material has since surfaced – and it’s a collaboration with old friend Chris Martin of Coldplay no less called “Heaven.” You might recall a scene with Chris Martin and Avicii in the studio from Avicii’s documentary Avicii: True Stories which we assume gave way to this record. The record first officially surfaced last month when it was played by Nicky Romero as a tribute to Avicii at Koningsdag, but alternate versions with different vocals have been spotted across the internet since last year.

We posted about another version back in April, but this seems to be a studio quality version that sounds miles better than the previous one. With so many Avicii fans still in mourning, this will no doubt elicit some cathartic release.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Check Out Avicii’s ‘Heaven’ With Chris Martin

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