Child’s Play Reboot Rumor Reveals Chucky’s New Origin

Rumors about the Child’s Play reboot have potentially revealed Chucky’s new origin story. It was announced back in July that a reboot of the 1988 horror film was in development at MGM and those rumors proved to be true since the film’s expected director Lars Klevberg teased the beginning of the production for Child’s Play.

Child’s Play is one of several long-running horror franchises that just won’t die. After director Tom Holland’s first film, six sequels released. Most recently, Cult of Chucky did well with the horror community, since it brought Alex Vincent back as Andy Barclay, and was even certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. The film was directed by Don Mancini, who has worked as a writer on all seven installments of the series and has directed the past three Chucky films. While he won’t be involved with MGM’s reboot, Mancini is currently working on a Child’s Play TV series with actor Brad Dourif attached to once again voice the demonic doll. The origin of Chucky has stayed mostly faithful to the original film, but it looks like the reboot will be tweaking it quite a bit.

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Unknown sources explained to ComicBook how the origin story of Chucky will be altered compared to the 1988 film. The story is rumored to be about a possessed “Buddy Doll” who is programmed to be violent and have zero limitations by a Chinese factory worker named Chen. Chen is then said to kill himself after re-programming the doll. In the original film, serial killer Charles Lee Ray put his soul into a Good Guy doll by using Voodoo before his physical body was killed by pursuing police officers.

There haven’t been a lot of solid details about MGM’s Child’s Play reboot; however, Liv Tyler was reportedly being considered for a role. That being said, the progress being made on the film reboot shouldn’t effect Mancini’s TV show since the rights to the character are rather complicated. MGM owns the rights to the first film while Universal owns the rights to the sequels meaning both a Chucky TV show and a movie could potentially be in production at the same time.

If this rumor about Chucky’s new origin turns out to be true, it will drastically change how the evil doll is created. There is also some merit behind the rumor since it was previously reported that this version of Child’s Play would focus on a high-tech version of Chucky. This news may anger some long-time horror fans since it would reinvent the character, but it wouldn’t be the first time an iconic horror legend has been altered from the source material. Regardless of what happens with the reboot, it really does seem like Chucky will be a friend till the end since the character doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

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Source: ComicBook

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