Civil War (Coincidentally) Spoiled Who Lived & Died in Infinity War

The culminating events of Avengers: Infinity War may have been coincidentally foreshadowed all the way back in Captain America: Civil War. The latter of the two vastly differing wars was the beginning of an on-going arc that would see the Avengers split into two factions over the Sokovia Accords, the government’s direct response to the increasing amount of superheroes in the world and the immense death and destruction often left in their wake. Throwing in the dilemma of how to deal with the formerly brainwashed Hydra assassin known as the Winter Soldier only served to heighten the tension to more personal levels, especially between Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans).

Over the years, and multiple movies, the two stalwarts would go their separate ways. Iron Man would continue to mentor the young hero he originally recruited, Peter Parker, in Spider-Man: Homecoming, whereas Captain America, seemingly no longer required to make governmental instructional videos for schools, would undertake secret missions alongside long-time allies, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Falcon (Anthony Mackie). Both would eventually return to combat the imposing threat from Thanos, though they never actually got to fight side-by-side, with Captain America attempting to protect Vision (Paul Bettany) in Wakanda and Iron Man taking to space in order to align with the Guardians of the Galaxy on Thanos’s homeworld.

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But was this separation in location foreshadowed as early as Civil War, along with which noteworthy characters would die as a result of Thanos’s infamous finger-snap and who would survive? Quite possibly, according to Tumblr user Raider 5. In one of the film’s most pivotal scenes, wherein the heroic collective debate whether or not to sign the Sokovia Accords, the seating position is distinctly split. Cap, Black Widow, and War Machine, who all survive, can be seen on the left, while Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Falcon, who all perish, can be seen on the right. Tony Stark, meanwhile, can be seen on the side of the survivors, but tucked all the way in the far corner – potentially foreshadowing his foray into space whilst the others remain to battle on Earth.

It’s a compelling theory, and one that could have credence given MCU directors’ penchant for Easter eggs. James Gunn, who has directed both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise and is currently working on Vol. 3, grows ever more infamous for his planting of Easter eggs. Similarly, Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War co-directors Anthony and Joe Russo have hidden numerous Easter eggs and references in their films.

In their case, however, they mostly serve as comedic callbacks to their previous work on TV shows like Arrested Development and Community, with stars of the latter popping up in minor roles and recognizable elements like the stair-car appearing in the background of Civil War’s spectacular airport battle.

And, while Infinity War and the upcoming Avengers 4 have been a decade in the making, and the fact that writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely wrote all three MCU installments, it’s hard to imagine that they would have known definitively when writing and filming Civil War exactly who would ultimately meet their demise. Still, unless Markus and McFeely or Anthony and Joe Russo actively confirm it as an actual nugget of foreshadowing, it’s a fun little coincidence to think about.

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Source: Raider5/Tumblr

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