Connie Britton & Dylan McDermott Returning to American Horror Story

Connie Britton is finally returning to American Horror Story in season 8 along with her Murder House co-star Dylan McDermott. Britton and McDermott starred in the first season of American Horror Story, back before anyone knew that the horror anthology was, in fact, a horror anthology. As the matriarch of the fictional Harmon family, Vivien, Britton was one of the stars of the inaugural American Horror Story, now subtitled Murder House, while McDermott played her husband Ben.

However, despite her prominent status and continuing working relationship with AHS boss Ryan Murphy, Britton hasn’t returned to the series. For the upcoming season that’ll change. Although it’s unclear if either Britton or McDermott will be playing their original American Horror Story characters or completely different people.

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The Wrap broke the news of Britton’s return to American Horror Story revealing that the actress will be filming her scenes on set in the actual “Murder House.” It’ll be a bit of a reunion too since Dylan McDermott is also returning to American Horror Story for season 8. McDermott has already begun filming in the infamous home. This will be the third time McDermott has appeared on American Horror Story as he played a new character in American Horror Story: Asylum.

It’s being kept a mystery which characters Britton and McDermott will be playing in season 8, which is subtitled Apocalypse. The odds are very high though that the two will be reprising their roles as the Harmon couple. Apocalypse is set to be American Horror Story‘s first-ever crossover season. The season will combine characters from Murder House and Coven for one big event. The mash-up has resulted in several actors and actresses from past American Horror Story seasons to return, including former series stalwart Jessica Lange. Britton was one of the last holdouts, but no longer.

It would only make sense for Britton to reprise the role of Vivien since she has no other American Horror Story character under her belt. However, Apocalypse will have single actors playing multiple roles. Actress Sarah Paulson was featured in both American Horror Story: Murder House and Coven. Paulson will have a dual role in Apocalypse but she’s only reprising one of her former characters, at least initially. Paulson’s time in Apocalypse will be spent playing Cordelia from Coven (or Billie from Murder House) and one brand new character for Apocalypse. It’s possible for Britton to follow suit. She could reprise Vivien and bring to life a completely new character. American Horror Story: Murder House did end with Vivien’s death and transformation into a ghost. With Vivien dead, American Horror Story might be limited in what they can do with the actress.

Regardless of who Britton (or McDermott) play, their returns are worth a good deal of excitement. Ben and Vivien weren’t the most likable characters in Murder House, especially the former, but they were incredibly important to the overall arc. It would be odd to do a crossover season between Coven and Murder House but not include either Harmon parent. This is especially true of Vivien as her son, Michael Langdon aka the Antichrist, is already confirmed to be a part of American Horror Story: Apocalypse. To continue, or wrap up, Michael’s story without his mother would be strange.

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American Horror Story: Apocalypse will debut September 12 on FX.

Source: The Wrap

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