Deadmau5 Gets Tattoo In Extremely Painful Spot [WATCH]

deadmau5 has a lot of memorable tattoos, but this one is definitely up there. The gamer just got a brand new hand tattoo referencing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, otherwise known as PUBG — and it all went down via livestream.

The video comes in as the tattoo is just starting to shape up, but the producer still has about 40 more grueling minutes to sit through. Watch it all over again as mau5 takes the edge off with some cigs and Coronas, all the while getting tatted up in the most bad ass (and pretty painful) spot: his hand.

This dude is covered with interesting, meme-like tattoos including Nyan Cat and Space Invaders, so we’re not at all surprised that the text reads “ESPORTS READY,” a saying related to PUBG gameplay, and rocks a melee weapon, the pan.

Although he was in pain for the majority of this video, he handled it like a champ! Plus, the commentary coming from the producer and his crew is priceless — obviously, because it is deadmau5 we’re talking about here.

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WATCH: deadmau5 Gets A New Tattoo


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