Deadmau5 Offers “A Little Perspective” On Upcoming Cube 3.0 Design

Deadmau5 has been sharing the progress of coding and assembling his massive Cube 3.0 for its Ultra debut in seven weeks via his Twitch stream, but lately he’s slowed down. No, he’s not losing his steam, he just wants the really cool stuff to be a surprise.

In a new post to the deadmau5 subreddit yesterday, mau5 himself offered “a little perspective” on the computational power needed to even run the damn thing. Hint: a lot.

Apparently, more than a third of the computational calculations done to present the visual elements of the Cube essentially go to waste because the refresh rate of the Cube itself (the LED pixels) can’t even keep up. In short, it’ll look good on your computer when you’re sitting at home live streaming Ultra, but it will never measure up to the in-person experience. If you thought Excision’s Paradox was UHQ, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Read below for Deadmau5’s high-level breakdown of the render, but don’t feel discouraged if a lot of it doesn’t make sense to you. The real magic is in the finished product, which will be debuted at Ultra in March.

A little perspective. from deadmau5


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This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Deadmau5 Offers “A Little Perspective” On Upcoming Cube 3.0 Design

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