Deadpool 2 Director Reacts to Outgrossing Solo’s Opening Weekend

<img src="https://" /><p><a href=""><em><strong>Deadpool 2</strong></em></a> director David Leitch has some things to say about his film's opening weekend outgrossing Ron Howard's <a href=""><strong><em>Solo: A Star Wars Story</em></strong></a>'s domestic opening. Leitch didn't seem all that surprised by his film's box office numbers. After taking over the series from Tim Miller, he and star Ryan Reynolds went all-in with the sequel. While <em>Deadpool 2</em> hit theaters two weeks before <em>Solo: A Star Wars Story</em>, the two blockbusters have been in a kind of indirect competition with one another, especially since no other film dared to open the same weekend as a <a href=""><em>Star Wars</em></a> movie.</p><p>While<em> Solo: A Star Wars Story</em> had Memorial Day weekend mostly to itself, despite opening just a few weeks after two highly-anticipated summer blockbusters, it hasn't made as much money as analysts initially expected. Ticket sales in its first weekend in theaters were coming in well below initial expectations. Although reviews have been generally positive, <a href=""><em>Solo</em>'s CinemaScore</a> is on-par with the <em>Star Wars</em> prequels. <em>Deadpool 2</em>, on the other hand, had <a href="">the second-highest R-rated opening ever</a>. The first <em>Deadpool</em> still holds the top spot. To many, it's astounding that <a href=""><em>Solo</em>'s global opening weekend</a> came in at less than half of what <em>Deadpool 2</em> grossed in its opening weekend.</p> <strong>Click to continue reading <a href="">Deadpool 2 Director Reacts to Outgrossing Solo's Opening Weekend</a></strong><br /><br /> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">Deadpool 2 Director Reacts to Outgrossing Solo's Opening Weekend</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="">ScreenRant</a>

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