Deadpool Creator Gives Bill Maher Comic Book Recommendations After His Anti-Comics Remarks

Deadpool and Bill Maher

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has some comic recommendations for Bill Maher, following statements the TV show host recently made on his HBO program Real Time with Bill Maher. Instead of attacking Maher, Liefeld has instead taken a more proactive and positive approach.

Maher’s comments stirred controversy in the wake of Stan Lee’s death back in November. While many took to social media to grieve the loss of a figure who has left an indelible mark on pop culture, Maher chose that time to attack those who were deeply saddened by the loss. He not only attempted to minimize the contributions made by Lee and his co-creators, but also mocked comic culture in general. Maher claimed that comics were not real literature, just something silly held onto by people who refuse to grow up. POW! Entertainment has since responded to these comments. Despite the understandably intense reaction he got from fans, Maher has only doubled down on his sentiments since, and he took the return of Real Time as an opportunity to continue chastising the comics community, taking some shots at Kevin Smith in the process.

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Unlike the many fans angered by Maher’s diatribe, Liefeld has chosen to offer up some comic book recommendations to the host via his personal Twitter account. This impulse makes sense, considering Maher’s statements were coming from a person who had likely never read a comic in his life – at least not for a very long time. Liefeld suggested contributions from two creators who were largely responsible for the sea change in which comics began to be considered real literature in the first place: Alan Moore and Frank Miller.

Moore will always be considered one of the most important figures in comics. Having created Miracleman, V for Vendetta, and Watchmen, he left a legacy that would continue to affect writers for years to come. Moore left his mark on characters such as Swamp Thing and Superman, crafting stories for both that will never be forgotten. It’s impossible to touch on all of his vital contributions to comics and to literature in general. As for Miller, the writer/artist utterly transformed both Daredevil and Batman, leaving a lasting impact that continues to this day. The Dark Knight Returns and Year One are incredibly influential, forever altering the way that readers viewed the Caped Crusader; and, as Liefeld points out, Miller’s entire Daredevil run is worth reading. He completely redefined the Man Without Fear and set a new standard of storytelling for the writers and artists who followed.

Although Liefeld’s recommendations were both well intentioned and spot-on, it seems unlikely that Maher will ever read them. Not everyone needs to love or even like comics, but the idea that they are for children is an antiquated one. Maher has been criticizing the culture long before Lee’s passing, even suggesting that’s its impact on the world was indirectly responsible for the rise of President Trump. Considering the obvious ax he has to grind with comic books, Maher may never understand what it is about them that has been appealing to readers for decades.

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Source: Rob Liefeld

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