Death Grips unleash a noisy swarm with new song “Flies”: Stream

Death Grips’ forthcomingYear of the Snitch has been given to us in bits and scraps, with news of collaborations with Tool bassist Justin Chancellor and Shrek director Andrew Adamson preceding a look at the gross cover art. Earlier this month, the rap-metal outfit shared the album’s lead single, “Streaky”, which was then followed by the sludgy “Black Paint”. Now, the band’s dropped a third single, the hyperkinetic “Flies”.

True to its name, the song evokes a swarm of winged creatures, its spastic beat underscoring whirring synths, colorful drones, and MC Ride’s trademark bark. Check out its crazy, headache-inducing video below.

Death Grips’ follow-up to 2016’s Bottomless Pit doesn’t have a release date just yet, but, knowing them, it’ll probably drop when we least expect it. Stay on your toes.

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