Designer Of Kakao Friends Ryan To Create Characters For BTS

Chun Hye Rim is the famous designer who is largely credited for her creation of Ryan, the hairless lion among Kakao Friends. Over a course of 5 years, she was one of the main designers for Ryan – the most popular and most profitable character among Kakao Friends.

bts bighit ryan character 1


According to the IT industry, Chun Hye Rim has recently made a switch to join BigHit Entertainment. She will reportedly head the team in charge of creating characters related to BTS.

Up until now, BigHit has experimented with the character industry by creating special BTS emojis for Kakao Talk, as well as BT21 characters that were designed by the members themselves. It appears BigHit is ready to launch their very own BTS characters with the help of Chun Hye Rim.

bt21 bts ryan kakao


Regarding her leaving Ryan for BigHit Entertainment, Chun Hye Rim expressed that she feels unfortunate about it but looks forward to going forward in the character industry.

“Characters are powerful contents that can’t be ignored in the digital era.

It’s unfortunate for me to let go of Ryan, who I’ve worked on from start to finish, but I believe that it can continue on with other people.”

— Chun Hye Rim


BigHit Entertainment has not yet made a statement regarding their plans for BTS’s new characters.

bts bighit designer ryan

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