DJ Snake & Zomboy Have An Absolutely Fire Track Together

DJ Snake just officially announced today he’s got a new album on the way. We predicted one would be coming eventually, especially with tracks such as “A Different Way,” “Broken Summer,” and “Magenta Riddim” showing off a different side to the producer.

With the album announced, it caused us to look back and dig up any other tracks that might be on the release. One ID in particular that stood out was this one from DJ Snake and Zomboy. It’s been played out since March, so it’s pretty likely it’ll be on the album and could even see a release fairly soon.

The song shares the same vocals as PLS&TY’s “Run Wild,” sampled from “Käppee” by Värttinä, a Finnish folk band formed in 1983, which sparked a small controversy on Twitter. “Did you @DJsnake x @Zomboy fucking steal the vocals from my single ‘Run Wild’ for your ID that’s being played? Wtf,” PLS&TY tweeted. (It has since been deleted.) In another deleted response, DJ Snake says, “Stop lying to the people dude. This is a super old song from europe that we both used. We didn’t take nothing from you.”

Who knows if Snake or Zomboy found the sample via PLS&TY’s track, and who’s to say which track uses the sample better, but this song bangs regardless.


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This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: DJ Snake & Zomboy Have An Absolutely Fire Track Together

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