Does Sicario 2 Have An End-Credits Scene?

Sicario: Day of the Soldado creates an unlikely franchise from Denis Villeneuve’s Oscar-nominated 2015 hit, but does it go as far as including an end-credits scene?

While the first Sicario may have felt like a standalone movie, writer Taylor Sheridan always had bigger dreams that just one cartel gangland story. He got that with Soldado, which brings back Benicio del Toro’s Alejandro Gillick and Josh Brolin’s Matt Graver (but no presence or mention of original lead Emily Blunt’s Kate Macer or partner in fighting crime Daniel Kaluuya’s Reggie Wayne). The film is another tense thriller about the war between the drug trade and the US, with the focus this time on terrorism and human trafficking. It’s a heavy movie with big questions, not least of what’s next.

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Sicario 2 ends with a coda scene of sorts that takes place a year after the main events which seems to tease Sicario 3, but that’s all you’re getting: Sicario 2 does not have an end-credits scene. The production names play out to the suitably brutish score (which makes sticking around worthwhile), but if you’re looking for any more footage or a hint of where the story is going next, you’re out of luck.

As already mentioned, even though there isn’t anything worth sticking around for after the movie’s over, Sicario 2 does still tease the future. In fact, you could argue that the film’s final scene may have actually worked better as a mid-credits stinger. While it follows on from the events of Sicario 2, it doesn’t quite fit with the story of loss and futility that was being told; it’s much more obvious sequel-bait, which as Marvel has shown can be more palatable after the main body. Of course, an adult actioner may not be the best place for such comic-book tricks; the first movie didn’t need that to get a followup, and Day of the Soldado may not either.

No matter where the stinger was placed, Sicario 3 feels inevitable at this point. Sicario made $80 million off a $30 million budget, and as the sequel cost only marginally more and comes with an expectation of quality (and good reviews), that same bar is sure to be hit. As for what that story would entail, Sicario 2 teases a new generation of hitman, while producer Trent Luckinbill has hinted that he wants Emily Blut to return.

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