Doom Movie Reboot: Amy Manson’s Character & BFG Confirmed

Some new videos have revealed more info on the new Doom movie – including the return of the iconic BFG 9000. This won’t be the first time a movie version of Doom has been attempted, of course. Dwayne Johnson, Karl Urban, and Rosamund Pike all starred in the 2005 adaptation, which featured a team of marines being sent to Mars to prevent an outbreak of genetically engineered monsters. Despite a decent cast and a substantial budget, the movie’s poor script and dull first hour let it down, though the first-person shooter sequence was a lot of fun.

Doom was a box-office dud, and even Johnson has acknowledged it didn’t work. He even threw shade at the movie while promoting his much more successful video game to movie translation Rampage; Doom’s Twitter threw the shade right back. Talk of a 3D Doom reboot was mentioned years ago, but news of a new movie heading into production was kept quiet until actress Nina Bergman suddenly announced she had signed on back in April.

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It’s since been confirmed the new Doom will go straight to DVD, and that actress Amy Manson will play the lead character. Details about the movie have mostly been gleaned from the social media accounts of the cast and crew, and now a video on Doom Movie’s Twitter account has confirmed Manson’s character is called Joan Dark. Interestingly enough, that’s also the name of the lead from another famous FPS game Perfect Dark – but that’s almost certainly a coincidence.

It wouldn’t really be Doom without an appearance by the BFG 9000, and now an audition tape by actor Akie Kotabe confirms the famous weapon will appear during the story. Kotabe’s audition tape also drops other plot hints for the new Doom, with the dialogue even managing a subtle way to mention the title. Some fans were upset when they learned the new lead would be a female character, instead of the mute hero from the game’s dubbed Doomguy. While no photos of the character have appeared, director Tony Giglio took to social media recently to debunk the rumor the character wouldn’t appear.

It’s a good time to be a Doom fan; in addition to the fantastic game reboot from 2016 and news of the movie, a new video game sequel was recently announced called Doom Eternal. Like Doom II, Eternal will see Doomguy battle hordes of demons on Earth, with only his trusty double barrel shotgun for company.

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Source: Doom Movie Twitter / Akie Kotabe

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