Double Dare Revival Reveals the Nickelodeon Show’s Slimy New Obstacles

Nickelodeon’s classic game show Double Dare is back, and it has some slimy new features to reveal in the obstacle course. The iconic kid-centric program originally aired from 1986-1993 with Marc Summers as the host, and he will be back as well – but as a color commentator. YouTube star Liza Koshy, who boasts 15 million subscribers, will serve as the new host of the trivia/physical challenge portion of the show, while Summers will step in and deliver his classic commentary while contestants run through the show’s famously messy obstacle course.

Double Dare, which had a bit of a tumultuous time at the end of its early run, will contain the same format in the revival. Teams will field trivia questions and dare the others, which often leads to double-dares, which inevitably lead to physical challenges. But the biggest draw to the show is the grand finale, the obstacle course. Fans of the original run of the show will be glad to see that it’s bringing back famous obstacles like “The Wringer” and the giant nose “Pick It”, but it will also freshen up with some new ones as well. Summers has revealed some of the big changes in a new interview.

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Speaking to TV Line, Summers expressed his clear excitement to bring back Double Dare after nearly 20 years off the air. He described the new obstacle course as “a mixture of old and new” that’s about 20 percent bigger than the original. There will be enough familiarity for fans of the original to enjoy obstacles from the first run, but there will be plenty of new obstacles as well. Among them: “Overstuffed”, a giant bear with the flag hidden inside; “Tube-a-Totter”, a giant tube filled with slime; and “Couch Surfing”, which is exactly what it sounds like – a couch that contestants can “surf” in to find the flag.

The aforementioned “Pick It” and “The Wringer” will be among the returning obstacles, as well as “The Tank” and the giant mouth-slide originally known as “Down the Hatch”. Echoing the idea of mixing old and new, Summers noted how family audiences will be able to mutually enjoy the show as they watch together, since many of the original show’s viewers have children who can enjoy it as part of a new generation of fans.

On the surface, it’s a smart move for Nickelodeon to bring in a new host that many young viewers will recognize while also making sure Summers is still involved for original fans. The revival of the classic show also needed a fresh injection of obstacles for a new generation after being off the air since the first reboot in 2000. The common thread, here, is slime and silly fun. There’s little doubt that the revived Double Dare will provide plenty of that for audiences old and new.

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Double Dare’s revival premieres Monday, June 25 at 8pm on Nickelodeon.

Source: TV Line

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