Duff McKagan shares first single, “Tenderness”, off upcoming solo album: Stream

Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan has offered up a taste of his upcoming solo album with the first single, “Tenderness”.

The track, like the rest of the album, is produced by Shooter Jennings, whose band backs up McKagan on the song. “Tenderness” has a bit of a Lou Reed vibe, with some GN’R balladry sprinkled in throughout.

Regarding the song (listen below), McKagan said, “The real point of ‘Tenderness’ is not for me to be some damn politician or some other voice to add to what is already way too much noise. This is a song of unity and peace…and I want this record to be a meditation and to bring maybe some healing, if that is not too high-handed or lofty of a goal.”

He added, “I can use what marginal voice I have as an artist, to hopefully help arrest what seems like a fall. As a father, I must say and do something now…because I love my girls and my wife, and I love my country, and I feel I must be strong and use my voice now, do it while I am able, or perhaps never get a chance ever again.”

Along with the new song, McKagan has announced a couple of concerts — one May 30th at TLA in Philadelphia and another May 31st at City Winery in Washington, D.C. As of now, no title or release date has been revealed for McKagan’s solo album, although it is expected sometime in 2019.

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