Dungeons & Dragons: 20 Ways To Use Magic Items To Cheat The Game

Magical items are one of the staples of the fantasy genre: even the low fantasy world of Game of Thrones is home to gems that can change someone’s physical appearance and swords that always remain sharp.

The big names in the genre are usually focused on the power provided by a single magic item, such as the One Ring in Lord of the Ring or Stormbringer in the Elric series.

The different editions of Dungeons & Dragons have been no stranger to magic items, as they are often the most highly-sought out pieces of treasure in the game.

There are limits to what you can purchase with gold and silver, but magic items will make you more effective in combat and give you more of a shot at surviving the attacks of your enemies.

The mere existence of magic items gives players the chance to temporarily bend the rules of the game, as even the dumbest warrior can be given the chance to use magic.

It is in these moments that the player can use their magic items to try and gain an advantage that the dungeon master wasn’t expecting, leading to an exploit that can easily ruin a campaign.

We are here today to look at the ways you can use magic items to break the rules throughout the various editions of Dungeons & Dragons; from the cube that does the exact opposite of what is it supposed to do to the wand that can break the challenge in any dungeon.

Here are the 20 Ways To Use Magic Items To Cheat In Dungeons & Dragons!

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