Employee Of Seungri’s Club Reveals That Police Paid Visit To Club After Incident Involving Marijuana

An employee who has worked at Seungri‘s “Burning Sun” club until recently has revealed that the police recently paid a visit due to an incident relating to marijuana.

The marijuana use allegedly happened in the VIP area next to the VIP entrance that is reserved for special guests.



According to the employee, the VIP room is a closed-off area that only customers can enter during the operation hours. The club did not conduct any bag searches on the VIP customers and it was impossible to know what was going on inside the rooms. Moreover, the club employees probably kept their mouths closed even if they saw something as their jobs were on the line.

The employee explained that the incident occurred about a month ago when a female customer claimed to have smoked marijuana through some men she did not know.

Around the last week of December (2018), when we were about to close, three police who were not in uniform came to the club. They said they came to investigate because someone had been forced to smoke marijuana inside.

ㅡ Employee


The employee added that while it was the first time the police paid them a visit due to issues related to drugs, other employees have said that it occurs frequently.

It was the first time the police came during my employment but I’ve heard other employees say that cases related to drugs frequently come up.

ㅡ Employee


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