Eric Prydz Will Debut New HOLOSPHERE At Tomorrowland 2019

Ask most fans of dance music these days who has the most advanced stage design, and you’ll hear the name Eric Prydz pop up a lot. The Swedish producer has built up significant hype around his shows thanks to his innovative EPIC (that stands for Eric Prydz In Concert) stage designs, and he’s going to take it one further this year at Tomorrowland.

The annual Belgian festival will play host to the world debut of Prydz’ new stage, HOLOSPHERE. The design placing Prydz inside a spherical form at the center of a 360 degree 3D hologram — the technology for Prydz’ vision didn’t exist at the time of conceptualizing it, so his team developed the proprietary technology themselves.

Eric Prydz says, “My team and I had a vision that has taken over 2 years to develop. It is now so exciting to be able to announce this, and show you the next chapter of EPIC.”

See Eric Prydz from Tomorrowland 2018 below.

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Eric Prydz Will Debut New HOLOSPHERE At Tomorrowland 2019

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