Essenger Drops New Single “Dissolve” & It’s Beautiful

If you’re not familiar with Essenger, today’s the day when that changes. Essenger is the musical brainchild of Jeff Simpson, a seasoned Kansas City composer and producer who created the project as a way to give his personal stories and emotions a voice. Driven by smooth yet dynamic production, captivating atmospheres, and often topped with shimmering retro sounds, Essenger’s honest, heart wrenching vocals tie each song together with an acute sentimentality.

It’s a sound that fans are latching on to, as his latest single, “Ghost”, has amassed over 150,000 streams, and his official remix for WRLD’s “Rooms” earned support from massive channels like The Artist Union and totaling over 40,000 plays. His latest single, “Dissolve”, just may be his best yet.

Dissolve is a song about loss and bittersweet nostalgia, a longing to relive the past and return things to the way they once were. Change has a way of creeping up on you and it’s easy to romanticize the past, even things are better now than then. Dwelling on it can stop you dead in your tracks and it’s something I’ve been very prone to.”

It encompasses pure beauty throughout the entire three minutes, giving you the sensational feeling of nostalgia paired with an electrifying arrangement. It’s incredible. My favorite moment comes in at 2:09, with what sounds like a guitar, ripping an amazing solo, but the crazy thing, is it’s not a guitar at all.

Fun fact: there is quite a bit of real guitar throughout the track, but that solo in the last drop is actually all Xfer Serum put through NI Guitar Rig. You can get some crazy expression and harmonics if you mess with formant filters on the dry signal. However I do play it live, just on keys.

In addition, he even created an Anime video to accompany the track. All in all, Essenger has a bright future ahead of him and we are excited to hear more. Listen to “Dissolve” and check out the Anime video below!



This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Essenger Drops New Single “Dissolve” & It’s Beautiful

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