Every Suit Confirmed For Spider-Man: Far From Home (So Far)

What suits will Spider-Man use in Spider-Man: Far From Home? Thanks to the first trailer for the summer blockbuster and some set photos, we know of several outfits our friendly neighborhood hero will be rocking for his latest adventure.

Every new outing for the webhead tends to bring with it some variation or other on his costuming, and Far From Home is no exception. From a classic Spider-Man look to a deep cut, or even something that appears entirely new, the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel will continue to add to Peter Parker’s now very extensive heroic wardrobe.

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Here’s all the suits we know will be in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Stark Suit

Stark Suit Spider-Man Far From Home

In a twist from the norm, Marvel Studios didn’t have Peter Parker make his own suit for his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Captain America: Civil War, as has been tradition. While he had constructed a sort of proto-costume, Tony Stark gives Peter his first “proper” suit, a technologically advanced version of the well-known blue-and-red attire synonymous with the hero. Upgrading Parker’s skills and abilities across the board, the gift also came with the benefit of equipping the teenager with the tools to help Tony fight against Captain America.

This is the same costume we see in Spider-Man: Homecoming, ingratiating the suit into the formal MCU canon as Spider-Man’s standard look going forward. Peter struggled to get the grips with the array of options the suit came with, longing for a more streamlined affair before adapting and evolving as a hero. In the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, Aunt May sneaks it onto Peter’s luggage as he’d left it at home, hoping to enjoy his European school trip as a normal teenager and not as a masked vigilante fighting for justice. Sadly, things are never that simple, and trouble finds Parker in short order.

Stealth Suit

Stealth Suit Spider-Man Far From Home

The stealth suit makes the jump to the big screen in Spider-Man: Far From Home. The design and concept is an amalgamation of various looks – the original stealth suit was created in the comics in 2011 for a battle against Hobgoblin, but this has more in common aesthetically with Spider-Man Noir and the black SHIELD suit in the Secret War comic story.

After ominously gatecrashing Peter’s holiday, Nick Fury hijacks the trip to enlist the young hero’s help to bring down the villains, the Elementals and Hydro-Man, and work with Mysterio, likely supplying this new kit in the process.

The stealthy ware from the comics is for top-of-the-line covert operations. The mesh can provide both cloaking and sound canceling capabilities, making the wearer nigh undetectable by conventional means, and other powers include self-reparation and resistance to fire. In its debut, it was designed specifically to counteract powerful sonic attacks from Hobgoblin, which is very much not what’s happening here. It’s unknown exactly why Peter needs this suit, but it probably has something to do with the Elementals we get glimpses of, this allowing Spidey to get close enough to take down the monsters.

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Red-And-Black Suit

Red And Black Far From Home

The new formal addition to the Spider-Man oeuvre is the red-and-black suit that’s used for many of the shots in the trailer. Peter’s wearing it in both London in this footage and New York in set photos, so it’s safe to conclude this is what he will be wearing for the back half and climax of the movie.

Interesting enough, Spider-Man’s original design by Steve Ditko was with a red and black suit. Like many comic book colors, the highlights got filled in with blue as you see in other black objects like Superman’s hair. It wasn’t until later that the blue highlights became more predominant and eventually became the default suit everyone knows.

Webbing between the shoulders and arms allows Peter to glide in the air, but other than that no other new additions are visible. SHIELD is likely bankrolling this thing too. Perhaps this is something Peter himself designs, Fury inspiring the fledgling hero to take further command of his destiny, and the black is an aesthetic signifier of that.

Casual Costume

Casual Costume Spider-Man Far From Home

There isn’t always time to suit when you’re a superhero. Sometimes injustice comes knocking and you have to make do, like Peter Parker wearing his regular clothes in Venice when Hydro-Man decides to make a surprise call.

But Spider-Man doesn’t need a costume to get the job done, and he’s able to leap into action equipped with his trusty web shooters to fight the good fight regardless. The encounter doesn’t seem to last too long before Mysterio comes in, warning Peter to stay away as he blasts the water-based monstrosity. Given what we know about Mysterio, Parker will need to have his costume closer to hand at all times going forward.

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