Excision Drops Lost Lands 2018 Mix and Compilation

Lost Lands may have “ended” two months ago, but the festival still lives on in the hearts, minds, and necks of all the headbangers to descended upon Legend Valley. And more than anyone, Excision is the embodiment of Lost Lands like no one else – so it’s only appropriate that Excision has just dropped his Lost Lands 2018 mix on Spotify along with the official Lost Lands 2018 compilation.

The mix is nearly two hours of all the bass you can imagine. We can’t really describe it any better than it already sounds, so dig in below.

As for the compilation, you’re going to get 24 songs hand selected by Excision from the likes of Virtual Riot, Mantis, Akylla, Antiserum, Dion Timmer, Chime, Sullivan King, PhaseOne, and more. Check that out below!


Photo via Rukes.com

This article was first published on Your EDM. Source: Excision Drops Lost Lands 2018 Mix and Compilation

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