EXO-Ls Are Convinced That Chanyeol Is Out To Destroy Us All, And These 18 Pictures Prove It

EXO‘s Chanyeol has always stolen hearts but lately, fans have noticed that he’s been stepping up his game.

chanyeol 18


He’s been dishing out even more visuals and was even chosen as having the best body among the EXO members by Kai!

chanyeol 6


With each and every appearance, he has been making things extremely difficult for fans.

chanyeol 11


Symptoms fans have reported having recently have included heart palpitations…

chanyeol 13


Extreme breathlessness…

chanyeol 9


And a feeling of being overwhelmed.

chanyeol 3


Now everyone is 100% convinced that Chanyeol isn’t just trying to steal hearts…

chanyeol 14


But completely destroy them!

chanyeol 1


He’s not only making people swoon with his stunning muscles…

chanyeol 5


Toned physique…

chanyeol 2


And jaw-dropping visuals!

chanyeol 12


Oh, no! Chanyeol has also been driving everyone crazy with his amazing skills on stage.

chanyeol 17


He’s been making fans feel pretty flustered with his performances.

chanyeol 15


The more fans see of Chanyeol…


The more convinced they are that he’s going to destroy them.

chanyeol 19


And the proof that he’s intent on causing EXO-Ls to have heart attacks…

Image result for EXO



Image result for chanyeol exo live


It’s everywhere!

chanyeol 16

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