EXO Ranks #1 For The Third Consecutive Week On Idol Chart’s “Acha Ranking”

Idol Chart released the first week of 2019’s ranking for the most popular idols, and EXO reigned high as the #1 group!

The “Acha Ranking” takes into calculation, the group’s song scores, album scores, experts’ scores, as well as the group’s promotions, broadcasts and social media.

exo first chart 1


This is EXO’s third consecutive week placing 1st on Idol Chart. They placed 1st with an overall ranking of 2,693.

exo first chart 2


They were followed closely by BTS with 2,550.

idol chart ranking 2019 1


IU placed 3rd with 1,869.

idol chart ranking 2019 3


Wanna One got 4th with 1,736.

idol chart ranking 2019 4


BLACKPINK 5th with 1,661.

idol chart ranking 2019 5


TWICE 6th with 1,659.

idol chart ranking 2019 6


Congratulations to the Kings, EXO!

exo idol chart 44

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