EXO’s Kai Hates It When People Tell Him This

EXO‘s Kai will be on the cover of GQ Magazine’s July edition, rocking Gucci as usual. While the photos came out flawless, it is Kai’s interview that really touched the fans.


Kai was honest and real, talking about how he feels when people tell him “Himnae (힘내, roughly the same as be strong or feel better.)”

Q: What is something that you don’t like to hear?
  A: To be honest, “be strong”.”


He explained that he would rather have people tell him, “Good work.”

“I want to hear “Well done” or that I worked hard. I’m the type of person to actually work even harder when I’m troubled. Even now, I’m trying my best. So really, that’s all I want to hear.” — Kai


It seems Kai has deeply believed in this “not having to be strong all the time” idea for a while. Underneath his signature on EXO’s Happy Lotto Box merchandise, Kai wrote that it is indeed okay not to stay strong.

“You don’t always have to stay strong. I want you to be happy.” — Kai


GQ Korea revealed Kai’s recent photo shoot on its Instagram page.

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Fans simply cannot handle how perfect Kai is, both inside and out.

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